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Hey there, I am very excited to have you here. Honestly, my What’s New With Nicola “Blog” is my little area to show you my experiences and my thoughts from Hairdressers in Cavan, and your go-to resource for everything hair related. Hair tips and tricks, little tutorials, and hair inspiration ideas, maybe even the odd product review which i love to use and works great… and much more.

Maybe you’re wondering how other girls get those big, sexy curls that somehow still look very effortless and natural? Or maybe you want to know how you choose the right hair style that suits you? Or it may simply be to know how to protect your hair from sun damage? Either way, I really look forward to getting to show and discuss with you all. You can always get in touch.


Showbiz Hairstyles: Christina Aguilera shows off fiery red hair in stunning selfie

It was no more than two weeks ago when she debuted her fiery red hair on her Instagram account. And now it seems her new hair-color is here to stay, as Christina Aguilera […]

Showbiz Hairstyles: Chloe Madeley ditches her golden locks in favour of bold new lilac ‘do

Chloe Madeley’s physique that was taking centre stage, but her brand new hair colour…

Tips From Hair Stylists You Need To Listen To

Tips From Hair Stylists You Need To Listen To Most women that visit hair salons understand the value of the stylist’s advice. They know that stylists have the experience and […]

Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage More often than not we generally think of protecting our skin from the ravages of the sun by using sunscreen lotions etc. But we […]

Natural Ingredients For Black And Shiny Hair

Natural Ingredients For Black And Shiny Hair Factors like long exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays stress, and pollution etc., results in the oxidation or bleaching of the hair which […]

How do I Choose the Right Hair Style for Me?

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