Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

More often than not we generally think of protecting our skin from the ravages of the sun by using sunscreen lotions etc. But we tend to forget that even our hair is vulnerable to sun damage and hence need to be protected as well. In fact it is a lot easier to protect our hair than our skin from the heat and harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Hair protection can be easily done by undertaking the following inexpensive steps. If you need more advise, you can always get in touch with me in Nicola Smith, Hair Salon in Cavan 🙂 Now onto how to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage.

  • Moisturizing properly:

    Exposure to the sun tends to break down the proteins which make up the hair. This protein, keratin, needs to be regularly and routinely replenished to ensure that the hair suffers no permanent damage. Hence a gentle massage with natural oils such as coconut oil or avocado oil or olive oil, acts wonders in the prevention of hair damage. These oils also help to smoother the cuticle and give that extra shine to the hair thereby serving a three-fold function.

  • Protect your hair:

    Just as wearing long sleeves helps to protect our hands from getting sunburn, so also the use of scarves and hats help to prevent sun-damage to the hair. In fact keeping your hair covered will also keep your hair from getting tangled up due to the presence of a wind or breeze. Also wearing a scarf or a hat matching that of your dress will also add to your style quotient and make you look chic and beautiful. Need help? Ask Nicola with her Hair Salon in Cavan.

  • Keep UV rays at bay:

    The harmful ultraviolet or UV rays of the sun tend to oxidase your hair and give it a bleached, dry and fizzy look. Also regular exposure to these rays for long periods without protection makes the scalp cells become even prone to developing cancer. Applying a hydrated mask on the hair will not only prevent it from becoming dry but will also keep them safe from the bad effects of the UV rays. Other products which cause the same type of hair damage as the UV rays are peroxides, lemons and alcohol. Hence it is best to refrain from applying these to the hair.

  • Loose messy hairstyles:

    Styling your hair in hairstyles which are loose, comfortable and do not pull at the hair roots are best suited for going out into the sun. While tying up the hair in an up-do or a braid helps prevent exposing your hair to the sun, they also help to protect the ends of your hair strands. Since these are the oldest parts of the hair, they are also the weakest and thereby excessively prone to oxidization by the sun. Hence they should suffer the least exposure to the sun which can be achieved by adopting hairstyles which will put up your hair like in a bun.

Now I hope your got some good information for how to protect your hair from sun damage. To know more about different hairstyles and hair care, you can get in touch with us at Nicola Smith, Hair Salon in Cavan. Just fill in this contact us form. You can also call us on +353 87 7631781 or email I’d be happy to hear from you!