Natural Ingredients For Black And Shiny Hair

Factors like long exposure to the sun, ultraviolet rays stress, and pollution etc., results in the oxidation or bleaching of the hair which ultimately results in our hair losing its natural black lustre. So much so that it has become quite a common phenomenon and which we deal with by applying artificial chemical black dyes. But these dyes produce results which last only for a short time and are also harmful for the hair. Hence side effects like dryness of hair, weakening of hair etc., are also common ailments faced by people using hair dyes. Fortunately there are a number of homemade means by which this problem can be solved. We would definitely recommend them to almost all clients that visit our Hair Salon in Cavan. These homemade remedies generally include the following ingredients:

  • Amla:

    The benefits of Amla have been known to us since the ancient times. It is one of the most effective ingredients for making a hair mask to retain the blackness of hair. In fact raw Amla powder when mixed with water and lemon juice makes for a miracle solution. Using this solution to rinse your hair daily will not only make your hair black naturally but also prevent it from getting bleached again.

  • Mulethi with ghee:

    A paste made of ghee, mulethi and Amla juice makes for an ideal hair mask which can be stored in containers and used every day before washing your hair. This paste has to be applied on the hair and left for some time before washing off. When used daily, it results in hair turning jet black with a sleek shiny look.

  • Mango:

    This fruit in its raw form is an ideal ingredient for getting back the blackness of your hair. Raw pealed mangoes have to be blended in with mango leaves using a little coconut oil. This paste when applied to the hair results in wonderful looking black shiny hair.

  • Mango stones:

    The oil of mango stones has been used since time immemorial to turn grey hair into black. The regular use of this oil not only magically removes white and grey hair, it is also an effective tool for dandruff elimination. In fact using this oil in the normal circumstances helps to delay the onset of white hairs even with age.

  • Orange Juice:

    This by itself is a good way of getting healthy and shiny hair and when mixed with Amla, it also facilitates the conversion of hair to a sleek jet black. For application, the orange pulp is mashed and mixed along with Amla powder to form a paste. Regular application of this paste ensures thick, black healthy hair which becomes a source of envy for others.


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