Tips From Hair Stylists You Need To Listen To

Most women that visit hair salons understand the value of the stylist’s advice. They know that stylists have the experience and the knowledge to let them know what is best for their hair. If your hair is limp and lifeless, your stylist probably has an idea about how to address that. Unfortunately, if you don’t heed that advice, you won’t see any changes in your hair. Now onto the Tips From Hair Stylists.

Here are a few hair care tips that most stylists, including me at Nicola Smith’s Hairdressers in Cavan, recommend you should follow, for healthier and more vibrant hair.

1 – Wash Less Frequently

Your hair can actually survive and be healthy if you wash it once or twice in a week. Any more than that doesn’t contribute to the overall health of your hair. The natural oils in your hair are vital for its growth and health. If you shampoo your hair daily, you’ll strip it of those oils and damage it.

Washing less frequently also ensures that you’ll have to use fewer products for your hair styles. Naturally, you need to wash it often enough to keep it clean. Washing two times a week is ideal.

2 – Darker Shades are Healthier for your Hair

You may or may not be aware of it but the process of hair coloring is different for lighter or darker colors. For lighter colors on darker hair, we need to actually strip the existing color of your hair. In essence, we use products to bleach your hair, remove your existing dark color and add the new color to it. It’s a long, exhaustive process and very harsh on your hair.

Current hair trends are no longer overwhelmingly in favor of blond and other similar shades. Darker shades are actually good for your hair. They add color instead of removing it and your hair gets the benefit of the nutrients in the color.

3 – Trimming is Necessary

Even if you aim to grow your hair longer, trimming it is absolutely vital. We recommend that you get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks. This actually encourages growth while maintaining good hair styles.

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